When it comes to hair transplantation, many people know that some hair follicles are extracted from the head and planted in the hair loss area, so that the hair can grow again.So what about the specific process of a hair transplant operation? I think only people in the industry understand it.Just like all walks of life are different, everyone has their own specialties, and my specialty is the field of hair transplantation.

Many friends are only at the cognitive level for hair transplantation.Therefore, they do not know enough about hair transplantation, and it is inevitable that they will have doubts and concerns, which is human nature.Today, as a hair transplant doctor, I will comprehensively explain the whole process of hair transplant to you, making hair transplant easier and more transparent.

The hair transplant process is divided into three stages.

Stage1 before hair transplant

Before the operation, that is, after the hair friend arrives at the hospital, there will generally be 4 links, namely consultation and face-to-face consultation, hair follicle detection, design and drawing, and signing the agreement.

① Consultation and face-to-face consultation

Through the face-to-face consultation, the doctor can understand the hair loss situation of the hair friend, and the hair friend has a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the hair transplant, and any doubts about the hair transplant can be resolved on the spot.In the hospital, you can also see many real hair friends, which is more intuitive.

② Hair follicle detection

After the face-to-face consultation, Fayou will conduct a hair follicle test.By moving the high-power lens on the scalp, you can see the state of hair follicles and hair more intuitively. It mainly detects your hair condition and resource distribution, and obtains specific hair parameters, such as hair density, diameter, hair quality, etc., which directly affect It is very important to follow the design of your subsequent plan.

③ Design and draw lines

The doctor will design a beautiful and reasonable planting plan based on the aesthetics of the ratio of three courts and five eyes and his own opinion.First draw the planting area and hairline shape with a specific pen, then draw the planting area, measure the planting unit, and confirm the cost.

④ Sign the agreement

After the above steps are completed, the hospital will sign a guarantee agreement with you on the survival rate of hair follicles. This agreement is very important, and it is a legal commitment of the hospital to the postoperative effect. Be vigilant.

Stage2 surgery

There are also three steps before surgery.One is a blood test. There is no way for a disease like AIDS to have hair transplantation.The second is to shave the hair before the operation. The hair is shaved before the operation, which is more convenient for extracting and planting hair follicles.The third is to draw the line again and adjust the optimal plan before operation.

3 steps in surgery


This is a concern of many friends, who are afraid of pain during the operation.Hair transplantation is actually performed under local anesthesia. After anesthesia, the whole process is painless. You can sleep or chat with each other during the operation. There is no need to worry about this.

hair follicle extraction

The first step in the hair transplant operation is to extract the hair follicles. The extraction method is the scattered extraction of the posterior occipital, so there is no need to worry about the effect of the posterior occipital. After the hair follicles are extracted, they will be placed in the culture medium to maintain the activity of the hair follicles.

Hair follicles

After the hair follicle extraction is completed, the patient will personally count the hair follicles. After confirming that the number is correct, the hair follicles will be planted according to the specific growth direction of the hair follicles to ensure that the final effect is very in line with visual aesthetics and thick and natural.

Stage3 after hair transplant

On the day after the operation, the nurse will explain in detail the precautions for postoperative diet, anti-inflammatory drugs, protection of extraction and planting areas, and there are detailed instructions.In the next few days, just wait for the hair to grow, and some hair lovers still need to insist on medication maintenance after surgery.

The above is my detailed elaboration on the hair transplant process. I believe that through this article, readers will have a clear understanding of hair transplant.Hair friends who need hair loss can private message me.