Regarding the founder of hair transplantation technology and the founding case, there are different opinions in the medical field, but most of them believe that it was OKuda, a doctor from Japan, who first and successfully carried out the world's first hair transplantation operation.

In 1939, a Japanese doctor named Okuda Shojiperformed a skin transplant operation including hair follicles on the back of the brain of a burn patient. As a result, new hair unexpectedly grew out of the transplanted site.

However, when it entered the clinic in an all-round way, it started with Norman Orentrich, the father of hair transplantation, in 1959. He successfully used 4mm round embryos for hair transplantation, making hair transplantation technology begin to improve baldness.

Later, based on his many years of experience in the industry, he came up with an important principle that is still in use today.Called the donor advantage theory, this theory tells us that hair has its own characteristics, and the characteristics of hair are determined by where it comes from, not where it is transplanted, that is, the transplanted hair will still maintain its own characteristics .

For example, we all know that the hair follicles in the back of the occiput are long-lived hair follicles. When we transplant them to the forehead, they will still maintain their longevity.

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In addition, combined with some of the androgenetic alopecia theory at that time, it was believed that the hair follicles in the posterior occipital region of the human body are not affected by DHT. The combination of the two theories has formed a consensus and conclusion that the planted hair will not fall out again.

After more than half a century, millions of operations around the world have been verified. This conclusion is beyond doubt, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of technical experience.

Then, in 1995, two Americans, Lassman and his collaborator, Bernstein, introduced a new hair transplant technique, the Follicular Unit Transplantation technique, which we are very familiar with. The procedure, including the basic idea of hair follicle isolation using microscopic equipment, was the beginning of the real popularity of modern hair transplantation.

In 2001, Dr. Lasman improved the previous hair transplant technique and proposed the follicular unit extraction technique FUE. Its advantage lies in the improvement of the previous surgical method of cutting scalp petals in one piece, and the use of a new hair removal device. Realized the precise operation of extracting hair follicle units one by one.

So in the next ten years, although more and more technical terms emerge in endlessly, they are always optimized and improved under the framework of FUE technology, and the technical principles have never changed.

Buthair losshas brought a lot of troubles to human beings, and when human beings are studying the mechanism and causes of hair loss, their progress is extremely slow, but human beings are also lucky, not only the drugs that treat hair loss, Phinaxiongan andMinoxidil Idiscovered by accident that hair loss can be curbed, and even hair transplantation, which can directly change the appearance, is a surprise.By chance, Curve solved the problem of hair loss.

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