Mr. Qian from Xiamen is about 40 years old. people of this age are supposed to have a lot of experience and are not afraid of wind and rain, but he is afraid of baldness. Mr. Qian mainly retreats the hairline to a wide slap. In order to cover it up, he has long hair to cover it up, but how can he hide his youthful appearance. He vowed in his heart to cure hair loss, so he thought of hair transplant surgery, the reason why he thought of hair transplant is because the people around him have used a hair transplant, and the effect is good.

He went to the local hair transplant hospital in Xiamen for door-to-door consultation. The doctor explained the hair transplant in detail and showed a series of successful cases. After reading it, he had a deeper understanding of the hair transplant. But when he walked out of the hospital, he had doubts about the hair transplant, whether the effect of the hair transplant display was just an accident. He was afraid that his hair transplant would fail and had no effect. He was afraid and hesitated for a whole week. In the end, he decided to choose a hair transplant. He chose a hair transplant hospital with excellent qualifications in all aspects and set the time for the operation on the same day.

On September 12, 2018, the hair transplant hospital for Mr. Qian hair transplant 2165 units, including single hair hair follicle unit 1250, hair follicle unit 915, mainly FUE traceless planting, about 400 units of FUE lattice encryption, originally estimated to plant 2115 units, as a result, more than 50 units. The operation starts at 12: 35 noon and ends at 15: 45 pm, which is about 3 hours. After the operation, he went home, the doctor told him to go to work normally, usually pay more attention to rest and lie down, and told to come over a week later to clean the blood scab.

Seven days after the operation, the blood scab was cleaned and the whole person looked very energetic. Three months after operation, we are going through the stubble change period, and the effect is not very obvious. He just waited for the effect of the hair transplant to come. For half a year, the hairline obviously moved forward. Although he also had longer hair at this time, it seemed that the hairline did fall back, while the long hair before the operation was bald. This is the qualitative change. A year after the operation, he had his hair cut short, the hairline looked forward, the planting area was thicker, and people looked more energetic. He was originally the image of a greasy uncle, and his colleagues said that he was young and handsome.