The protagonist of today's case is Mr. Wu, who works in Shenzhen and is more than 20 years old. although he is not old, his hair loss does not match his age at all. The main reason is that there is a lot of pressure at work, often stay up late, stay up late day after day, month after month, as time goes on, the hair begins to fall off obviously, not paying attention at first, or even a kind of fluke mentality, thinking that there is a lot of hair, and it's okay to lose something. or if you drop it, it will grow out, so you will continue to stay up late to work.

Time passed quickly, year after year, for three years, his hair became less and less when he stayed up late, mainly because his hairline moved back, giving the impression of a large forehead. It turned out that his hair was short, but now his forehead was getting bigger, so he began to develop a habit of keeping his hair long. He also combed his bangs to cover his forehead. He was originally a little introverted, but now he is doubly introverted when he loses his hair, and he has lost his former self-confidence.

He didn't want to be so negative anymore and made up his mind to change the symptoms of hair loss. In May 2018, he went online to find a cure for hair loss. He looked around and saw a hair transplant, an operation he had never heard of before. Then he inquired about the hair transplant hospital, and finally selected a hair transplant hospital with good qualifications in various aspects. they had a lot of experience in hair transplant cases, and many cases could be found online, and the results were very good, so he set the date of the operation on the same day.

On May 31, 2018, the hair transplant hospital adopted FUE traceless technology for Mr. Wu hair transplant 1900 units, including a single hair follicle unit 650, hair follicle units containing multiple hairs 1250, the average person's single multiple ratio is 1: 1, while his single multiple ratio is 1: 2, indicating that the hair resources of the back pillow are good. The whole operation will only take four hours. After the operation, he went home, the doctor told him to go to work normally, usually pay more attention to rest and lie down, and told to come over a week later to clean the blood scab.

Seven days after the operation, the blood scab was cleaned and the whole person looked very energetic. Three months after operation, we are going through the stubble change period, and the effect is not very obvious. Half a year after the operation, his hair transplant effect has a large outline, two full forehead corners, and then the effect of hair transplant is better, he has become handsome. Now, although he also has long hair, the difference is that he dared not lift the long hair in front of him before, otherwise he would have exposed his big forehead, but now he confidently lifted his long hair in front of him, and he could not see that it was a big forehead.