Mr. Liang, a native of Guizhou, works in Xiamen, Fujian Province. he is in his 20s and is very young, but his hair is very lame, and his two forehead corners are retreating to form two pointed triangles, which makes the image look overwhelmed. In addition, even the retreat of the forehead is sparse. This kind of hair loss may not be a big deal for a person in his mid-40s, but it is bad news for a man in his 20s. Not only the image is seriously damaged, but also a lot of harm to his body and mind, and even affect his own self-confidence.

In order to cover his hair loss, he always likes to grow long hair and comb his receding forehead. This kind of unconfident cover-up is fine for a short time, but there is a feeling of guilt over a long period of time. He did not want to cover up his guilt like this, and his mood of saving hair loss became more and more intense. he thought of ways everywhere, and at the same time, his relatives and friends also asked him again and again, some offered him folk prescriptions, and some recommended washing and care products for him, but none of these had any effect, and some recommended him to use drugs.

If the hair is soft, minoxidil can be used, but there is no way for any medicine to retreat the hairline. Hair loss can only be treated by hair transplant. It took him a long time to know that hair transplant could cure hair loss. He conducted door-to-door consultation at local hair transplant hospitals, and finally selected a hair transplant hospital with good qualifications in various aspects. they had a lot of experience in hair transplant cases, and many cases could be found online, and the results were very good, so he set the date of the operation on the same day.

On October 7, 2018, the hair transplant hospital adopted FUE traceless technique to transplant 1794 units of Mr. Liang's hair, 620 units of hair follicles containing single hair and 1174 units of hair follicles containing multiple hairs. 1750 was originally expected to be planted before operation, but 44 units were selected as a result. The hair transplant began at 16: 25 and ended at 19: 25, and the operation took a full 3 hours. In time for dinner. After the operation, he went home, the doctor told him to go to work normally, usually pay more attention to rest and lie down, and told to come over a week later to clean the blood scab.

Seven days after the operation, the blood scab was cleaned and the whole person looked very energetic. Two and a half months after operation, we are going through the stubble change period, and the effect is not very obvious. Half a year after the operation, his two forehead corners moved forward obviously, and then the whole hairline was fuller, and the person looked much more handsome. One year after the operation, the effect was restored more thoroughly, and the artistic photos made people more handsome. In the past, he was afraid to lift his hair up, but he was bald when he lifted it, but now it is still generous, his hair is more confident, and the whole person is more confident.