Mr. Wang from Hunan is a post-90s generation with an age of more than 20 years. He is a bald person, his hair loss is different from others, even if others lose their hair, but because of long hair cover, it is not very obvious. But Mr. Wang is different. He has a large area of baldness on the top of his head. Even if he has long hair, he can still see at a glance that the baldness is very serious, and he can even see a large piece of scalp, which makes him very distressed.

How big is his hair loss? from the beginning of the hairline, he is almost bald to the front of the head whirl. the difference is that the hairline is more than 20 centimeters wide and basically does not have any hair follicles, completely exposing the scalp, while the part of the hair that is so fast as to the head spin is also exposed to the scalp. just a little bit soft hair. Such a young age, such a big bald head, incongruous. At his age, he is in need of an image, and not only his parents and relatives are worried about his hair loss. Inquire about the treatment of hair loss everywhere, and finally know that he can only rely on hair transplant to solve the problem, hair follicle necrosis is serious, there is no way to use medicine.

He has relatively high requirements for his personal image, thinking that no matter how expensive the hair transplant is, he must cure hair loss. He is from Hunan, but he is in Guangzhou. He conducts door-to-door consultation at the local hair transplant hospital. He finally chooses a hair transplant hospital with good qualifications in all aspects. They have clinical experience in many cases, and many cases can be found on the Internet, and the results are very good. He decisively set a date for the operation.

On September 28th, 2018, the hair transplant hospital adopted FUE traceless technology to transplant 4200 units for Mr. Wang. The operation began at 12:10 and ended at 18: 40 p.m., for a total of six and a half hours. The planting amount of more than 4000 units has already been considered as a large area of hair transplant, and the planting area is only the completely exposed area in front, that is, the necrotic area of hair follicles, and the later part is not planted, and this part has a small amount of soft hair, mainly hair follicle necrosis. about the part that is not planted in the back, one is to use minoxidil to make the soft hair stronger after operation, and the other is to replant it during the second hair transplant.

Seven days after the operation, the blood scab was cleared and the whole person looked very energetic. Xiao Wang waited for the effect of the hair transplant. It was said that he had kept short hair for more than half a year. At first glance, there was no effect. He slowly had hair in the original seed area. It was not until more than a year after the operation that he grew normal hair. All of a sudden, the effect came out. From the front, it was very young and handsome, mainly in the planting area. When his colleagues and friends saw him, they all said he was handsome.