If you stand up straight and look up, others will not see you lose your hair. But as soon as you bow your head, the large area of baldness is directly shown. What's going on? His hairline is good, a circle of thick hair, even if there is a sparse exposed area on the top of his head, but because his head is vertical and covered by long hair, he still thinks that he will not lose his hair just from the front. But as soon as he bowed his head, the hair sagged, and the exposed scalp could be seen everywhere.

Mr. Xie from Xiamen is about 35 years old. because of hair loss, his age looks more like his 40s. His hair loss is so strange, with a good circle of hair and a sparse scalp on the top of his head. Common types of hair loss include hairline receding, head rotation sparse, the whole top of the head sparse, the whole top of the scalp exposed, the hairline backward, but the center of the head dense, and the hairline good and sparse on the top of the head. Mr. Xie is the latter kind of hair loss, which is relatively rare. The lightest tissue of the human body is hair, but without it, it can crush a person's spirit.

What shall I do? He began to worry, the top of his head was sparse in a large area, and some of the hair follicles were atrophied. Minoxidil could be used to thicken the soft hair. At the same time, there are a large number of hair follicle necrosis, it is necrosis, only to see the exposed scalp, minoxidil is no way to resurrect dead hair follicles, can only be hair transplant. All in all, his condition can only be dominated by hair transplants, supplemented by mirodil. There are many local hair transplant hospitals, he inquired about, one of them is very good, many cases of clinical experience, and many cases are found on the Internet, the results are very good, so he decisively set the date of the operation.

On August 5, 2018, the hair transplant hospital for Mr. Xie hair transplant 3218 units, hair follicle units containing a single hair 1716, hair follicle units with multiple hairs 1502, said that this is a combination of two technologies, sparse areas with FUE lattice encryption technology, blank areas with FUE seamless technology, the two techniques are roughly half of the planting volume. The operation began at 11: 20 a. M. and ended at 18: 40 p. M. If it is a single FUE traceless hair transplant, the operation will be faster than an hour. After the operation, he went home, the doctor told him to go to work normally, usually pay more attention to rest and lie down, and told to come over a week later to clean the blood scab.

Seven days after the operation, the blood scab was cleaned and the whole person looked very energetic. Mr. Xie adopted a two-pronged approach, on the one hand, waiting for a good effect, on the other hand, with minoxidil, there was a preliminary effect in half a year, there was no sparse on the top of the head, and the planting area was even more dense in September after operation, and the whole person looked handsome. My family and people around me praised my husband for getting younger and more cheerful and confident. When the hair changes, life naturally becomes better.