Mr. Sun, born in Qingdao, is a post-90s with an age of about 24. His hairline is somewhat backward, mainly because the two forehead corners are obviously receding, and the middle of the hairline is sparse upward. Compared to older people, this is small hair loss, but relative to his age, hair loss is more serious. I think it's unbearable. Like many people with hair loss, he has long hair and combs forward the retreating area that covers the hairline.

The age of 24 is the time to need a good image, whether it is in love or looking for a job, how can there be no image? When he thought of this, he began to worry, thinking about how to lower the hairline, asking around, injections and medicine had no effect, and finally someone told him that he could only have a hair transplant. There happened to be a number of hair transplant hospitals in his own city, and he inquired about one of them, one of which was particularly good, with many cases of clinical experience, and many cases were found on the Internet, with good results, so he decisively set the date of the operation.

On December 7, 2018, he did a hairline design in Qingdao and had a hair transplant on December 9. On the same day, the hair transplant hospital used FUE traceless technique to plant 2398 units for Mr. Sun, including 916 units of hair follicles with single hair and 1482 units of hair follicles with multiple hairs. It was originally expected to plant 2360 units before operation, but 38 units were selected as a result. The whole operation took a little more than 4 hours and was carried out in local anesthesia with almost no pain. After the operation, he went home, the doctor told him to go to work normally, usually pay more attention to rest and lie down, and told to come over a week later to clean the blood scab.

Seven days after the operation, the blood scab was cleaned and the whole person looked very energetic. The effect of his hair transplant came relatively early, only half a year, the whole person's image has taken on a new look, even if the hair is short, the hairline does not show a retreat, the two foreheads are full, the hairline is thick in the middle, and then put on well-fitting clothes. The whole person looked at the lively and energetic. Half a year is the initial effect, ah, it is already so handsome, I believe that one year after the operation, his overall effect will be better. When many friends saw him, they said they were handsome.