I don't know if you have noticed that there is a kind of hair loss that does not seem to be serious, but it is actually quite serious. The real hair loss is several times the area seen. We call this kind of hair loss as recessive hair loss, there are roughly two situations: one is that the area of hair loss is large, but the hair is long, covering the hair loss surface, and the degree of hair loss is light; the other is that the hairline is good in the middle, but it is sparse in the middle of the hairline, but this thinning is also covered by long hair. At a glance, hair loss is not serious, and you can find the true appearance of hair loss by opening long hair.

Before operation

Mr. Zhan, about 30 years old, is from Shenzhen. This is the case with him, who seems to have only two frontal corners retreating, but lifting the long hair up the hairline, he is surprised to find that it is sparse all the way to the head rotation, and it is a large sparse area. This is a typical invisible hair loss, it seems that only a little bit of hair loss, lift it up to see that the area of hair loss is still very large. He was very distressed about how to solve the problem.

7 days after operation

He doesn't think it's a way to go on like this, and it's okay to lose your hair for a short time, but it certainly can't go on like this in the long run. After all, there must be social activities and parties in the future, and being seen like this will definitely damage your image. Later, I found out from a friend that hair transplant can treat the problem of hair loss, and the effect is very good. Then he went to the local hair transplant hospital for consultation, and one of them made him very satisfied. Not only did he have good qualifications in all aspects, but the hair transplant doctor also took him to see many hair transplant cases of his friends, which made him very satisfied. The date of the operation was set immediately.

3 months after operation

On April 27th, 2019, the hair transplant hospital planted 3550 units for Mr. Zhan, 1550 for hair follicles containing single hair and 2000 for hair follicles containing multiple hairs. If conventional planting, the two frontal corners are blank areas, it is best to use FUE traceless technology, this is more economical, and the hairline from the middle up to the head rotation position is a sparse area, it is best to use FUE lattice technology, the combination of the two techniques is good and save money. However, Mr. Zhan simply uses dot matrix encryption to plant, which is a single advantage technology, which is better than the combination technology.

6 months after operation

Seven days after the operation, the blood scab was cleaned and the whole person looked very energetic. The hair grew up a little 3 months after the operation, but the effect was not very obvious. The effect of Mr. Zhan's hair transplant comes relatively fast. in only half a year, the two forehead corners are full and the sparse area in the middle of the hairline is thick. he used to have long hair, but now his short hair does not show hair loss-short hair is really not hair loss. It is believed that one year after operation, his overall effect will be better. When many of his friends saw him, they said they were a lot younger.

8 months after operation