I believe that many rich people will have a confusion before treating hair loss: "is this method effective in the end?" After looking up some data, I found that there were different opinions, "who should I trust?" Today, Xiao Dong will give you some medical conclusions to help you avoid detours. Don't talk too much nonsense, let's just look at the practical information.

We are arranged according to the progressive effect of the cure.

There are so many ways to cure, which ones are effective?

Completely invalid

The advertisements and stores we usually see claim that there is basically no scientific basis for "ancestral secret recipes", "seven days of hair growth" and "five days of secret hair", or even three no products, but because the decoration of these stores may be very good, and will tamper with the effect pictures of other people's successful use of drugs or hair transplants to deceive consumers, and many hair friends have been deceived. It may even cause secondary damage to hair and hair follicles, and please keep your eyes open.

The effect is uncontrollable.Folk prescription

The reason why folk prescriptions are called folk prescriptions is that they may be useful or useless. Such as ginger scalp, side leaves shampoo, baking soda shampoo and so on are all famous folk prescriptions. In fact, most people who use folk prescriptions to cure hair loss are mainly patients with alopecia areata, and alopecia areata will generally heal. Therefore, some folk prescriptions use appropriate methods, such as vinegar shampoo, baking soda and so on, which have a good care and supple effect on hair, but it is still a bit of an exaggeration to say that it can produce hair.

Have a certain effectLaser therapy

There is no doubt that laser therapy can definitely promote hair growth, which is supported by clinical data and certified by FDA. However, it is only adjuvant therapy, not first-line therapy. Its advantage is that it has no side effects, and the effect will be better when used with drugs, so if you can try it under economic conditions, it will have a good auxiliary effect on hair growth.

Dietary supplements, health products

There is a very delicate relationship between hair and protein and vitamin B. one of the reasons for many people's poor hair quality is the lack of vitamins or trace elements, so eating some health products has a certain effect on the health and beauty of hair, but when it comes to curing, the effect may be minimal.



It can effectively dilate blood vessels, stimulate vascular endothelial growth factor in hair papilla and promote the growth of hair follicles.


Prescription drugs can reduce the level of dihydrotestosterone in scalp and serum and prevent hair follicles from becoming smaller.

Both drugs are approved by FDA for the treatment of androgenic hair loss, but both have a low probability of side effects.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is undoubtedly a more effective method for the treatment of hair loss at present, and the drug is to block or stimulate hair follicles to promote hair growth, but if androgen alopecia is stopped, as long as the body still secretes androgens, there is a high probability that hair with genetic genes will fall off again. The hair transplant directly changed a way of thinking, not to save the hair follicles that have been "dead", but to transplant the superior hair follicles in the posterior occipital which are not affected by androgens to the area of hair loss, and grow new healthy hair after survival, which will no longer be affected by DHT, so as to solve the problem of androgen hair loss from the root.

But there are also conditions for hair transplant, and people with sufficient resources in the back of the occipital are more suitable for hair transplant.

Today, I would like to share with you the story of a handsome guy with a hair transplant. The handsome guy's back occipital resources are very abundant, the overall hair is also very thick, but the two forehead horns are obviously bald, showing a "cat ear" shape.

There are so many ways to cure, which ones are effective?

Our design for him is to make up the forehead angle and appropriately lower the hairline.

One month after the operation, the hair on the hairline of the handsome guy grew very well, and the cat's ears were gone.

There are so many ways to cure, which ones are effective?

Four months after the hair transplant, the handsome guy went to the activity, the planting area is already very dense, and the connection between the side view and the sideburns is also very natural.

There are so many ways to cure, which ones are effective?

The handsome guy took a selfie to commemorate the appearance of his hair transplant for half a year, full of vitality.

There are so many ways to cure, which ones are effective?

Eight months after the operation, the handsome guy's facial features are very coordinated, and the flat hairline shows more temperament.

There are so many ways to cure, which ones are effective?

It has been ten months since the hair transplant in the twinkling of an eye, and the handsome guy greeted himself with a new hair color.

There are so many ways to cure, which ones are effective?

A year after the operation, the bald forehead was gone, leaving a handsome face.

There are so many ways to cure, which ones are effective?