Long-term staying up late has damaged the hair health of many young people There are more and more problems such as greasy hair , receding hairline, thinning on the top of the head, and bald forehead.

It is more and more common to start to go bald at a young age , so why are people who stay up late for a long time prone to hair loss? Can the hair loss caused by staying up late for a long time be restored?

Long-term staying up late hinders the normal metabolism of hair follicles

The best time forhuman cell metabolism is between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am . This timeis the best time for the division of hair mother cells. But for people who stay up late for a long time the scalp and hair follicles will directly miss the best time for normal metabolism resulting in slower division of hair matrix cells and slower hair growth.

Staying up late for a long time can cause scalp ischemia and hair follicle nutrition deficiency

Staying up late will put the brain in a state of high tension. If the brain is in a state of high tension, the blood vessels in the scalp will constrict causing blood circulation to slow down. Once the scalp cannot get sufficient blood support, the nutrients absorbed by the hair follicles will also be greatly reduced, which will lead to atrophy of the hair follicles resulting in a series of problems such as yellowish hair, soft scalp , and hair loss .

Staying up late for a long time will accelerate the secretion of androgen

During staying up late , the human body will secrete a large amount of androgen to keep the brain awake. Once the body secretes too much androgen for a long time, the concentration of dihydrotestosterone ( DHT )in the scalp will also increase, and it will damage a part of the scalp hair follicles, making the hair follicles shrink and miniaturize, resulting in hairline on the forehead , both sides of the frontal horn and The hair on the top of the head becomes thinner and thinner .

Excessive androgen will also accelerate the sebaceous glands to secrete too much oil, making the scalp environment of hair follicles worse, causing problems such as sebum accumulation, hair follicle blockage, and repeated inflammation , which further damages the growth function of hair follicles.

How to restore hair loss caused by staying up late?

Our body has its own biological clock, and the operation of various organs is maintained by the biological clock. Sleep is the biological behavior that regulates and ensures the normal operation of the body. During sleep, our body organs are rested and adjusted. Therefore, timely adjustment of sleep habits can well restore the problems caused by staying up late. Of course, if the hair loss is serious, medical intervention can also be carried out. At present, there are many methods for treating hair loss in medicine. The causes and processes of hair loss are different for each person, and the suitable methods are also different.

medical treatement

Oral drugs- androgen inhibitors, because staying up late will lead to increased secretion of androgen, which is also an important reason for staying up late leading to hair loss. So by inhibiting the secretion of androgen to alleviate the process of hair loss. The drug can inhibit and reduce the conversion rate of testosterone in the scalp and serum to dihydrotestosterone, reduce the damage of DHT to hair follicles, and ensure a healthy and good living environment for scalp hair follicles.

External drug- potassium ion channel opener, which has the function of dilating the end of blood vessels, can also shorten the resting period of hair follicles, let the hair follicles enter the growth period in advance , and effectively promote hairgrowth .

Note: The drug has certain side effects, so use it and stop it under the guidance of a doctor.

medical care

The nutritional deficiency of hair follicles caused by staying up late can be compensated by professional medical maintenance. Medical maintenance uses nano-microneedle technology to inject nutrients into the root of hair follicles in a quantitative, localized, and layered manner, so that the shrunken and tiny hair follicles can re-grow and accelerate hair growth. grow.

The following is the effect of a friend's medical maintenance.

If you already have a noticeable receding hairline, thinning crown, or even baldness, it's best to consider other treatments, such as hair transplants. The treatment of hair loss must be done as early as possible, and the treatment is not thought of until the hair loss is severe. Maybe the only way to change the image is to rely on hair transplantation.

The following is the hair transplant situation of a severe hair loss friend.

Finally, I would like to remind all hair lovers: the most important thing for hair lossis to treat it as soon as possible , go to the hospital for hair follicle detection in time, and detect the condition of scalp hair follicles, which is conducive to subsequent targeted treatment.