Brushing your hair is essentially a scalp massage, and scalp massage has been proven to promote hair growth.

The metabolism of hair follicles depends entirely on the blood circulation of the human body to transport nutrients. However, the blood circulation in the scalp is generally not very strong, because there are no muscles on the scalp and it is far away from the heart. Basically, there is no way to take the initiative to exercise this place. The blood circulation in this place can be strengthened by external stimuli (massage/hair combing, etc.).

There is a saying: the head is the "collection of all yang", and all the yang meridians reach to the head, where the clear yang energy needed by the head is gathered. In Taoism, the brain is called the upper dantian, which is where the essence gathers. Only by dredging the meridians on the head can they turn more flexibly and make people more energetic.

Therefore, combing the hair every day until the scalp is slightly hot is the easiest and most affordable way to dredge the yang meridian of the whole body. Especially for mental workers (including those who think a lot and love to think blindly), after working for a long time, the pressure is high, the blood in the head is blocked, not only dizzy, but also hair loss in handfuls.

Combing is the way to stimulate inspiration & hair growth anytime, anywhere.

To put it simply, the effect of massage is very good if the massage is strong, the time is long, and it is persisted for a long time.

Traditional Chinese medicine also recognizes the effect of scalp massage, but it is more complicated in theory and belongs to the theoretical system of meridians, so I won’t go into details here. In fact, most of the services of hair care centers and hair growth centers have a very core link, which is scalp massage. This kind of service not only feels very comfortable, but also can really improve hair loss. The hair growth products of such institutions are generally relatively poor. But the massage service provided is somewhat effective.

More extreme cases, such as microneedling, can also be regarded as an extreme version of scalp massage, directly pierce the scalp with dense fine needles, and forcibly promote the blood circulation of the scalp. This method has a better hair growth effect, but the threshold is also relatively high, not too Suitable for ordinary people to operate, there may be a risk of infection.

To sum up, combing your hair more is really effective in preventing hair loss, but you should pay attention to:

1. Do not comb your hair for too long

2. Do not use a fine-toothed comb to damage the hair scales excessively

3. Do not comb your hair with wet hair. When the hair is wet, the cuticles are not closed. At this time, if you comb your hair too much, the hair quality will basically be finished.

4. Do not use wooden combs or plastic combs to comb your hair. Either the friction is too large or the static electricity is too large. The first choice is a horn comb

5. Do not comb your hair in winter, the static electricity is too large

6. If you have the conditions, you can consider using a soft laser comb. The massage effect is better. Combing hair is also a science!